The Death of Guest Blogging

Is guest blogging really dead? It was the fierce declaration of the head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts, on January 2014.

According to Cutts, the practice has become too spammy that it is now considered a bad way to gain links. Many were appalled by the statement, especially those who own sites wherein most of the links come from the “spammy” guest blogging services.

SEO in general, has become spammy through time. This does not mean that it is no longer effective nor it is dead. As an internet marketer and webmaster, you have to adapt to the changes, even if it means that you have to turn your website upside down and get rid of the links that are considered as spam. Cutts also toned down with his proclamation that guest blogging is dead. On April 2014, he said that the service is not dead for high-quality multi-author blogs.

The technique has various advantages despite the issue that it is facing. For one, this is a good way to reach a wider audience. This can also help in promoting your brand and in getting a good exposure. To counter the problem, you have to go with the flow. If Google dislikes anything that is too spammy, then do not resort to anything that will only pull your site down. Make sure that you only publish quality posts and these are the kind of content that your audience will find helpful and informative.