Top 5 SEO Myths

SEO is effective, for as long as you don’t overdo it. Choose the right methods and implement all these properly to get the best out of these techniques. Never stop learning more about SEO and you can begin by busting the top 5 SEO myths.

  1. It is a scam and you will end up paying more and earn less. There are a lot of SEO myths that boil down to saying that this is a scam. It is not, but it depends on how you utilize it. If you are overdoing things, making your site look and sound spammy, then you are setting up your own failure. Gone are the days when this method is allowed and will boost your ranking without getting penalized.
  2. You can do it once and you are done. This is among the SEO myths that you ought to dismiss. SEO is a continuous work and you have to adapt to the changes that are brought by the updates and users’ preferences.
  3. Google is after the sites that implements SEO. It depends on the techniques and how you are using these.
  4. Link building is now a passe. It is not, but make sure that you only get quality links from reputable sources. It is better that you have a minimal number of links that will help in boosting the ranking of your site in the long run than have a lot, which can get your site penalized.
  5. The key to success is to use the popular keywords no matter what the content is about. Do not try to inject keywords that are not related to the contents of your website.