How to Maximize Conversion Rate in Time for Christmas!

Here’s how to maximize it:

Tweak your site

Tweak your e-commerce site. For instance, you may want to redesign your landing page for Christmas. Attract your traffic with good quality content that interests them the most. Don’t overdesign your landing page, though.

Feature your best sellers

Statistics show that Christmas attracts more first-time online shoppers. Thus, to rouse their desire to shop in your site, feature your best-selling items. Create a list of your best sellers or come up with a trending list.

Offer freebies

Freebies are still one of the best ways to maximize conversion rates. Get to know what your customers want to get for free. Think about how you can give what they want as freebies.

Strengthen your customer service

It is through solid customer service that you will earn loyalty of your customers. Loyal customers can bring your quality leads through their connections.

This is critical since loyal customers do not only increase your conversion rate. They also lower your cost. Remember it is more expensive to get new customers than to keep loyal customers.

Make your site convenient

The main reason consumers shop online, especially before Christmas, is convenience. Thus, give it to your shoppers. They should find your site fast and easy to navigate. See how your conversion rate increases.