Penguin 3.0 – What You Need to Know

Penalty recovery from Penguin 3.0 is possible. Here are the basics:

Penguin 3.0 is the latest update from Google. The data refresh intends to strengthen the monitoring of web spam. Through Penguin 3.0, Google intends to end black hat SEO techniques. Specific to this is to stop erring websites from using link spamming.

How to Recover from Penguin 3.0 Penalties

Follow these penalty recovery methods:

  • Review your site to rule out SEO black hat techniques
  • Remove unnatural links such as those from spam sites. This is perhaps the reason Google has penalized your site.
  • Avoid black hat techniques like a plague. The only thing you will get out of it is penalty.
  • Instead of paying for links, connect with authoritative websites. Widen your connections.
  • Make sure that every page of your website matters. See to it that each page is relevant to your traffic.
  • Comply with the webmaster guidelines by Google. This will help you avoid penalties in the future.