Panda 4.0 – What you need to know

What are the techniques for effective penalty recovery for websites that are affected by Panda 4.0? To date, only a few have succeeded when it comes to penalty recovery from Panda 4.0. The Panda algorithm, aside from penalizing websites, also downgrades the ranking of sites with poor quality.

The technique for penalty recovery is simple, but may appeal hard if your site is full of spammy content. If you are intent on resurrecting your website, you have to follow these techniques:

Fill your site with quality content. It is really the quality more than the quantity that matters. What is a quality article? It is something that provides value to your readers. The articles must reach out to the readers. They have to understand the message and even learn something from it. You must never make it your goal to rank high. It will eventually come when your site keeps on producing good and high quality content.M.

Improve the ranking of your website by applying the right SEO techniques. You have to implement on-page optimization in order to improve the SERP visibility of your website. To get this done, you have to learn how to do, implement and use Meta tags, keyword optimization, Robot.txt and many more.

Make sure that you don’t forget to do helpful off-page optimization techniques, which include the use of backlinks, social bookmarking and shares via various social media sites.