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SEO Results4u specialise in Search Engine Optimisation in Nottingham. We have a team of experienced staff ready to help your website fulfill its potential.

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We have a team of experienced staff with a combined experience of over 20 years working in digital marketing industry.

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We only ever use Google's recomended methods and regually update our strategy to ensure your one step ahead of the competition.

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We pride ourselves on keeping all our SEO clients updated with regular SEO campaign progress reports and quarterly meetings.

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SEO has the potential to offer a fantastic return on your monthly investment. This is why all of our SEO campaigns our focused on ROI.

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Nottingham SEO Services

How do you do your shopping these days, or find information about local services and other companies? Chances are you’ll get on the laptop, tablet or smartphone, click onto the internet and type a search into a search engine. And if you use Google for your search you’d be one of the 3.5 billion searches that are tapped into the search engine each day.

If you’re a business you’re probably thinking how lucrative it would be if just a small portion of those web users could be directed towards your website rather than any of your competitors. Well, here’s the good news. That’s precisely what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can do for you.

Put simply, SEO Nottingham is a mix of techniques that ensure your company website ranks as high as possible in the search results of sites like Google that consumers rely on. Google isn’t the only big search engine, but it’s by far the most popular amongst UK web users, with a market share of 89 per cent of all searches. The likes of Yahoo and Bing each receive around 5 per cent off all search traffic.

Once your site has been optimised you’ll see an increase in your position within search engine page rankings, and an increase in the amount of traffic on your site. And that, in turn, boosts the chance of making more sales and upping you revenue.

So how come some companies steer clear of SEO Nottingham? Some are put off by the fancy, technical name. Others are wary of any marketing and the importance of making a return on any investment they make.

If you share those worries, don’t worry. At SEO Results4U we take care of all the technical bits and pieces of your company SEO strategy. And we provide a detailed breakdown showing the growth in traffic to your site – so you know you’ve spent your money wisely. As an Nottingham SEO company we work with firms in Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham and beyond.

Here’s how we do it. It’s partly about creating a website that is user-friendly. Search engines don’t like it when web users click on to your site only to backtrack straight after. And it’s partly about creating quality content that persuades people to do business with you.

And quality in SEO terms means keyword-rich. These are terms commonly typed into search engines. When Google or Bing finds them on your site it registers and boosts your status. Say you’re selling used cars in Nottingham. Common search terms might include ‘cheap used cars Nottingham’ or ‘second-hand cars Nottingham’. We build these into the site content.

That’s what we do to the website itself. More important is what we do with social media, blogs and inbound links. These act like recommendations for your business. Every time your company blog gets shared on social media, say, that adds trust to your site in the eyes of the search engines. Contact Us Now! The leading SEO Company in Nottingham

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