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SEO Results4u specialise in Search Engine Optimisation in Manchester. We have a team of experienced staff ready to help your website fulfill its potential.

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We have a team of experienced staff with a combined experience of over 20 years working in digital marketing industry.

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We only ever use Google's recomended methods and regually update our strategy to ensure your one step ahead of the competition.

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We pride ourselves on keeping all our SEO clients updated with regular SEO Manchester campaign progress reports and quarterly meetings.

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SEO has the potential to offer a fantastic return on your monthly investment. This is why all of our SEO campaigns our focused on ROI.

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Manchester SEO Services

Would you like to grow your customer base and increase your company profits in Manchester? It’s not always easy, is it? There are always competitors working in the same market as you. After all, nobody has a monopoly unless you’ve uncovered a brand new concept.

And whilst you know you offer a high-quality service how do you make sure you stand out and attract more business? Answer: SEO. Search Engine Optimisation in Manchester. It might sound a mouthful but it’s just the process of making improvements to your company website in order to achieve a high ranking in the results pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Why is it so important? Consumers in the UK are increasingly relying on the internet for their goods and services. That goes for businesses buying the services of other companies or people looking up and employing local tradesmen. In the UK alone the online market is valued at over £100 billion.

And when most of us log on to the internet we rely on search engines to help us navigate round the web and find the sites we want. As most of us are quite lazy and don’t like reading too much on a website we tend to click on the first sites that come up in the results.

SEO Manchester Market researchers suggest it’s something between 30 and 55 per cent of all traffic derived from searches goes onto the first site listed on the results page. So that’s the place where you need to get your company site if you want to grow your customer base.

Think of it as like having the best location on the high street to pick up passing trade. You wouldn’t want to be hidden away in a back alley with no one going by and looking in at your window. If you have a great quality product, you want to make sure it gets all the attention that you can.

That’s what we can do for you at SEO Results4U. We’re an SEO company that can help businesses in Manchester with national or local SEO campaigns. So if you’re looking to improve your profile with SEO Manchester and pick up local clients or if you’re trying to attract clients across the UK we can sort this out for you.

We use a two-pronged approach to SEO. We build in keyword-rich content to your company site and off-page use social media signals and link-building to build up connections between your site and those of other trusted firms. Search engines look specifically for these elements and reward sites on which they find them with high ranking positions.

And because we know the importance of seeing firm results when you’ve made an investment we can keep you updated with data on your rise on search engine results pages and on the amount of traffic clicking onto your site.

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